Australian Antarctic Division

I worked at the Australian Antarctic Data Centre from 2010 to 2015. I was lucky to work with different groups around the division, including project planning and Science Technical Support (the hardware wizards!).

But, no, I did not get to visit Antarctica.

Interesting projects

Some of the more interesting projects I have worked on.

Agility + 1

I followed Miles in helping us get agile.

It is difficult to describe how much this improved planning and bringing understanding of the development process to stakeholders.


What started as a project to improve site navigation, turned into a complete visual overhaul of the entire site.

We replaced many of the different structures around the site with Bootstrap CSS and controls.

There is something extremely satisfying about cleaning and speeding up search forms to improve access to data. That may just be me though.

Ship it!

I joined a project in collaboration with CSIRO to provide voyage track and sensor data to scientists while at sea.

Learning about the sensor network on the ship and being able to test the application at sea was definitely one of my highlights!