I like to spend my time solving creative and technical issues that help people collaborate and share their work in interesting ways.

I am currently working as a freelance web developer and am always interested to hear about work that is going around.

Where am I?

My tool belt

Thinking in Python since 2007. I like to dabble in other languages, but always have Python on hold.

Addicted to CoffeeScript for Node.js and browser scripting. Also getting into functional programming with Ramda.

Trying to use Redis and CouchDB/PouchDB for all my storage needs. But I know my way around PostgreSQL and those other popular SQL databases.

Previously used Django, Wagtail, and Flask with SQLAlchemy on a few sites.

Prefer Google Cloud over AWS, but still Docker for all the things.

Always looking for an excuse to use Blender and 3D on the web.

Team work

I spent a few years helping science people at the Australian Antarctic Division. So I get excited about geospatial and taxonomic data more than most.

Always professional

Helped create some totally professional hacks.

Altrove for GovHack 2014 as an idea of a new home page for the Trove site.

Trapezium for Node.js Knockout 2013 to discover news based on vibe.


You may find me hanging around the Web Dev 42 gatherings. I even gave a talk there!

But also

Recognised as a bachelor by UTas.

Learned to code on a TRS-80 Color Computer but forgot to save my programs to cassette.

A bit of a PlayStation fan-boy and a Dawn of War and Fallout gamer.